Osteoarthritis Problems you should be aware of

Osteoarthritis is a condition in the cartilage on the surface of the knee. There is wear and tear and decay slowly. And will become more and more as time passes Commonly found in the elderly Causing knee pain, swollen knees, noisy joints in the knees The knee is malformed, unable to perform normal daily activities

6 landmarks! Early stage osteoarthritis


The thigh muscles are atrophied, the knee is bent loose or distorted.

Pain while moving

Knee pain when moving Symptoms will improve when the joint is stopped.


Especially feeling stuck When stopped moving for a long time


Can not really stretch or reconcile the knee joint

Loud noises while moving

When moving the joints, feeling the friction Or noisy in the bones

Pain all the time

Pain all the time walking or shifting And the pain became more intense

Stage of symptoms of osteoarthritis


Initial phase

Begin to lose 10% cartilage


Light distance

The distance between the joints began to narrow. Cartilage begins to rupture The occurrence of abnormal bone growth occurs.


Medium term

The distance between the joints is more narrow. Cartilage rupture And has a growing defect menstruation


Severe phase

The distance between the joints is narrow. Loss of cartilage up to 60% and a large number of bone regeneration

Causes and risk factors


Is the most common reason The risk of knee osteoarthritis is increased as the age increases. But can also occur to young people as well The risk increases with the age of 40 and older due to the ability to repair the cartilage is reduced.

Injury due to playing sports or accidents And even after healed, But it is also one factor that will increase the risk of knee degeneration in the future

In our body there are Immune system that resists and eliminates germs or foreign substances that enter the body. The cells that act as a guardian are white blood cells that circulate in the blood and various organs. But if our body is in a state of Low immunity Immunosuppression or immune deficiency (Immunodeficiency) foreign germs will enter the body easily Make us sick often. If any time the body is under immunity, it can cause illness. Such as a common cold, diarrhea or fungal infections on the skin repeatedly such as ringworm often tin ea

Females are more likely to have knee degeneration than males. Especially those aged 55 and over, but in this case the exact cause is not yet known.

People who are overweight or obese (BMI greater than 23 kg / m 2) may cause joints, especially the knee, to support 3-4 times the weight per body weight. Which will increase the risk of knee degeneration over time

Some arthritis patients will find a family history of osteoarthritis. Caused by other types of arthritis, osteoarthritis may be caused by other types of arthritis, which is a condition that causes damage to the joints, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

วิธีดูแลป้องกัน "ข้อเข่าเสื่อม"​​

Exercises that hit little knees, such as swimming, cycling, walking

Weight control

Taking supplements or non-steroid painkillers

Exercise the thigh muscles

Use shoes pads and knee pads To help support and reduce the impact on the knee

Knee replacement surgery

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