Cheewajit  Awards 2020


“G2X” Leading dietary supplement and vitamin products in Thailand with modern production standards and innovations It has gained widespread trust and recognition. until receiving the highest votes from readers of Cheawajit magazine

"Every activity... always creates a challenge."

Dietary supplements that combines the value of Korean Red Linzhi mushroom with 6-year-old ginseng and various vitamins and minerals in a soft gel capsule

Remarkable point of G2X

    1.  Red Ginseng mixed with Red Linhzhi mushroom

    2.  Import from Korea

    3.  Extract in Soft gel capsules easy to absorb

    4.  Red Ginseng 6 years old more natural substances

Key benefits

Direction for use (for 1 person/month)

1 capsule before meal in morning and afternoon

Essential ingredients in 1 capsule

component w/w
Dibasic Calcium Phosphate
250.00 mg.
Korean Ginseng Extract
136.00 mg.
Magnesium Oxide
44.00 mg.
Korean Linhzhi Extract
30.00 mg.
Zinc Amino Acid Chelate
15.00 mg.
10.00 mg.
Ferrous fumarate
5.00 mg.
Vitamin E
5.00 mg.
Calcium Pantothenate B5
3.00 mg.
2.40 mg.
Vitamin B6
1.00 mg.
Vitamin B2
0.85 mg.
Vitamin B1
0.75 mg.

Who is suitable to take G2X