Nature Biotec Co., Ltd. was founded 6 years ago by two brothers Mr. Chupong and Dr. Dumrong Laohapornsvan

Prior to this venture, the brothers were partners in another successful biotechnology venture Bio Solutions Co., Ltd,  involved in biotechnology for the intensive marine aquaculture farming. Through their vision and research efforts, they founded environ-mental friendly solutions and practices that reduced the farmers’ dependence on toxic chemicals, and eliminated the use of antibiotics in the shrimp farms, utilizing mainly beneficial microorganisms and nutraceuticals.  Bio Solutions was later acquired by VIRBAC, a French public company and a worldwide leader in animal health.

Pursuant to family pharma tradition, the two brothers were inspired to follow their father’s path, providing healthy solutions with naturopathic remedies,aiding health and vitality. This was the beginning of a new venture that would lead them to discover the healing powers of a Korean reishi mushroom that would become another success story. As entrepreneurs, the brothers were able to grow the business from scratch, while double the size of their staff every year.

Nature Biotec is expecting to grow significantly over the years to come by entering international markets such as Europe and the United States, where the awareness of naturopathic treatments are increasing rapidly.

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